Welcome to the VistaSoft installation page!

Here you will find a link to download the software as well as a guide explaining all the steps to install it.

Installation Files

Installation Guide

1.After downloading and extracting the Zip file, a “Start” file must be at the root of the folder. To start the installation process, it is necessary to run that file.

2. After executing the “Start” file, a window with several options will appear, click on “Install VistaSoft” to proceed with the installation.

3. Click on “Next

4. Click on “I accept the agreement” and “Next

5. During the installation process, the option to install “Mobile Connect” will appear. You can deselect the option and click on “Next

6. On this screen we have the possibility to change the installation folder. After confirming the directories click on “Next

7. Several options should appear on this screen. You can deselect all and click on “Next

8. Select the “Individual Station” option and click “Apply Settings

9. In the region select “Portugal” and click on “Apply settings

10. Similar to step 6, here you can select the location where patient data will be saved. After confirming the directory, you can click on “Generate database

11. Fill in the field “Name” and “Address” with random values ​​and then click on “Apply settings

12. After this last step, VistaSoft is installed and ready to be used.