Novigest Classes

This guide will help you install Novigest on your computer, as well, make a short introduction to the program and its features.

NOTE: You can install the necessary programs connected to any network with an Internet connection, but it will only work while connected to the CESPU network.

Instalation Guide

If your computer is a MAC you must first install the Java software (Step 1), if your computer is a Windows you can go directly to Step 5

1 – Download Java via the button below (Download)

2 – After the download is finished, you should open the file that was downloaded.
An “Introduction” window will open where you must click on “Next“.

3 –
Then you will reach the “Installation Type” where you must click on “Install

4 – The program will be installed and when it has finished you will see the message “Successful Installation“, you can then “Close” the installer.

5 –
Using the buttons below, ‘Download‘, you can download the Novigest application, being it Windows or MAC, respectively.

6 – Windows: After the download is finished, you must extract the folder inside the file, for that you need a software that allows it, such as 7-ZIP.
You can download and install it here:
7-zip –

When you have extracted the folder, which is inside the downloaded file, enter that extracted folder and open ‘setup.exe‘

MAC: After having downloaded the installer via the ‘Download’ button you should open the downloaded file.
Attention: You must select “Open with” and then click on “Installer


7 – On the first page of the installer you just have to click on “Next

8 – In this step you must choose where to install Novigest. By ‘default’ the computer chooses the location where applications are usually installed.
After choosing, click on “Next

9 – Finally, select “Install” (Novigest will be installed) and you can close the window by clicking on “Finish

10 – Finally, you can open Novigest via the shortcut that was automatically created on your Desktop (Windows)
or by accessing the computer’s applications (MAC)


Getting Started Guide

When opening the program, this will be the initial screen.

1 – Login

The login credentials are your ‘Student Number‘, both the username and the password.

When logging in for the first time you will be asked to enter a new password of your choice, you must choose a secure one (8 characters / Uppercase / Lowercase / Numbers). The user will never change, it is always the student number.

2 – Main Menu 

  • In the “Agenda” tab, you can see the appointments scheduled for a certain day and their times;
  • View the patient’s record or check an appointment, which has already ended;
  • Mark/Change an appointment.

3 – Tokens Separator

  • The “Fichas” tab is used to consult existing patient records;
  • Usually the “Nome” search field is used to find and select a specific patient.


  • Still within the Files tab, it is possible to CREATE a patient by selecting the “Criar” button;
  • You must create a patient by entering: ‘Student number – Name’ in the “Nome” field, gender and age, a location and profession;
  • For professors who also want to create patients, they must change the number of students by Order number MXXXXX.
  • As soon as the filling in of the patient’s data is enough, you must save (“Guardar“) to generate their form.

4 – Query Screen

  • When opening a query, there are several fields that can be used. Among the most important, the “rx” button, which allows you to select the type of image you want to take to aid the treatment, and the “receita” for prescriptions;
  • Description of treatments already performed by the patient;
  • Notes on current appointment, schedule, duration, and future treatment plans.